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Steel processing to complete machining and assembly of mold base. NATIONAL is a recognized leader in the mold base industry.

Mold Steel Material

Flame Cut
/ Saw Cut



Gun Drilling

CNC Machines

Surface Grinding


Packing & Shipping

Our Single
Source Solution

Offering our customers a complete, one-stop source for all of their mold base steel needs. We engineer custom made mold bases and offer several standard types of mold steels. Minimal steel processing to complete machining and assembly of their mold base to better match their in-house capabilities or current requirements.

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Mold &
Die Steel

  • A36 #1 steel
  • 4140 PH #2 steel
  • P20 #3 steel
  • 420 PH Stainless Holder VR* Brand - Exclusive

Machined Plates

  • Six-side milling
  • Machined Chamfers
  • Rotary and Surface Grinding
  • Gun drilling & complete side-work
  • Rough & finish machining
  • Precision tolerance stainless frames

Mold Bases

  • Medical tight tolerance stainless frames
  • Custom finished machined ready bases
  • P20 Parting line contouring & surface grinding
  • Full customization with no limits
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Our two facilities utilize the latest in plate processing, vertical and horizontal CNC milling technology. From industry leading plate preparation through duplex milling and grinding, to rough machining and finished pocket work, to fully customized projects with installed components— has a solution to every projects demand.

Every project has a dedicated project manager available for direct support on all aspects of your job from engineering changes to delivery updates. Through our customized ERP software, real time job tracking offers complete visibility throughout the manufacturing process.

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Custom steel mold ejector housing being assembled

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Multiple level class 101 stainless custom mold base plate

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