Machined in America Steel Plates

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VR Stainless: #7 steel

National Tool is the exclusive supplier of VR Stainless. A hardened and tempered 400 series holder plate, VR Stainless is the ideal solution for machined plate applications in corrosive environments.

Common applications are plastic injection mold frames, rubber molds, extrusion dies and food processing equipment.

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Surface ground VR Stainless Steel
Finished mold base pocket floors on a large custom mold frame

VR Data Sheet

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4140 Pre-Hard: #2 steel

The American alloy holder steel of choice, 4140 Pre-hard combines free machining properties with uniform hardness and durability. National supplies re-sulfurized quenched and tempered 4140 to aid machining while retaining toughness for extended tool life.

Common applications are injection mold bases, die cast frames, rubber molds, stamping dies & die components, and press parts.

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Inside view of a 4140 custom steel mold base

4140 Pre-Hard Steel Data Sheet

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P20: #3 steel

The global holder steel, P20 offers increased polish ability, higher hardness and responds well to texturing. National’s P20 is suitable for nitriding, chrome and nickel plating.

Common applications are plastic molds and dies, where P20 is used as the molding surface.

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Custom P20 mold base insert pockets
Custom hot runner P20 steel plate

P20: #3 Steel Data Sheet

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A36: #1 steel

National Tool’s hot rolled alternative is A36. A low carbon steel with great tensile strength, A36 is superior to machine versus softer grades.

Common applications are support plates for rubber, plastic and die cast tooling. A36 is also used in bolster plates, stamping die sets, fixtures and weldments.

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Three A36 steel plates stacked for duplex mill edge machining

A36: #1 Steel Data Sheet

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Stack of milled A36 steel plates ready to ship