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Are you the same orange catalog company from New Jersey?

Yes and no. National Tool merged with Midwest Steel & Services in 2009. From that point, National’s sole focus became steel and custom mold bases.

Where are you located?

National now has two manufacturing locations, steel production and custom machining, both in suburban Chicago.

Does National still carry standard components or mold bases?

No, with the exception of Air Poppets, National does not supply components. Standards can be supplied, but are built on a custom base. Each National mold base is supplied with the customer’s choice of components.

What region does National supply?

Though we are based in the Midwest, National ships from coast to coast and even internationally. Aggressive pricing and delivery allows us to remain competitive in all markets regardless of freight.

What industries does National supply?

Our products go into tooling and production equipment of all sorts. From high cavitation injection molds for medical parts to die cast frames for automotive to stamping die plates for appliances.

What does National’s mold base division specialize in?

National’s mold base machining building has built every type of mold base, from large die cast frames to high cavitation tight tolerance lid container mold bases. Though National builds low machining hour jobs using standard base designs, we excel at fully custom builds with many hours of detail work on each plate.

What is your work piece maximum?

Though these can be exceeded or constricted based on weight, a loose ballpark maximum is 48” x 60” (1200mm x 1500mm) for machining. Steel maximum is 63” x 98” (1600mm x 2500mm).

Where can I access National’s Privacy Policy?

You can access our privacy policy online here You can also email us regarding our privacy policy at